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  UPDATE: January 14, 2019.

A few people have called looking for young kittens to adopt. The first kittens born outside will just start being born this month. 8 or 10 weeks after they have been born these first kittens will be old enough for their first vaccinations and to be spayed or neutered before being adopted. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Pima Animal Care Center will likely have kittens available sooner than the rest of us. Kittens may be scarce until April or May and then there will be a scintillion of them available all the way through Thanksgiving. Until that happens, please be aware that Humane, PACC and the larger rescues all have sweet adult cats that would like nothing more than to go home with you!

Hello, Everybody, Hello! Thank you for entering the FACT web site. Friends of Alley Cats of Tucson (FACT) is a small program which works with the feral and stray cat population in Tucson, AZ. We advise people who are feeding feral or stray cats and teach them how to Trap/Neuter and Return (TNR) the cats to their territory to prevent further breeding. We accept, bottle feed, socialize, vaccinate, test and alter a limited number of litters of unweaned infant feral and stray kittens and make them available for adoption. FACT has NO FUNDING WHATSOEVER and is dependent up on the generosity of the people who ask us to advise about TNR, the people who ask to relinquish kittens to us, the people who want to adopt the kittens, Dr. Kayomee Daroowalla, Dr. Kayla Boyer, and the late Dr. Holly R. Keppel for making this program possible. For further information about feral cats and why Trap, Neuter and Return is the best way to work with them please see ALLEY CAT ALLIES’ HOME PAGE AND FERAL CAT COALITION’S HOME PAGE. Both sites have some wonderful articles you can read and download. The founder and director of FACT is Margo Elson. For more information after reading our page please call 520-850-0001 or submit the contact form at the very end of the last page here.  FACT is a proud charter member of the Animal Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona. Learn aboutAWASA .


Friends Of Alley Cats Of Tucson (FACT) exists in part to advise people who want to help stray and feral cats. This website has been published for the purpose of disseminating information. Sometimes people visit here ONLY to get the phone number or email address so they can call and ask the questions that would be answered if they would read through this page first. Please read the page before you call. It will give a clear idea of what FACT does, what FACT does not do and how to handle certain common feral cat issues. If you do not have time to read through the entire page, please use the CONTROL F function to search for different topics within the page. After you have “done your homework” 🙂 then please feel welcome to call if you would like.

The telephone number 520-850-0001 is the number of a private residence. Please do not call late in the evening. I am neither a veterinarian nor do I have the ability to rescue a cat or kitten from an attic, a well, or any other predicament it might have gotten itself into. Rule of thumb: If you can’t get to it, I can’t get to it. If there is a “situation” emergency with an animal, that is if there is an animal that is injured or inaccessible and stuck, please call Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) 724-5900, Animal Experts 531-1020, or 911. They will have the equipment necessary to safely apprehend the animal. For animals that are injured or ill that you have already safely in custody, the after hours emergency veterinarian is Dr. Judith Parker at Pima Pet Clinic, 4832 E. Speedway, 327-5624. They are open 24/7/365.

The Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics are: The Humane Society of Southern Arizona on West Roger Rd,  Animal Birth Control (22nd and Craycroft), Arizona Spay Neuter (Grant and Stone) and Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic (5804 S. 12th Ave). They are all listed in the telephone book and on internet search sites.

NOTE: Both The Humane Society, through a grant from AWASA and Santa Cruz, through a grant from PACC, provide spay or neuter, rabies and upper respiratory vaccinations FOR FERALS BROUGHT IN IN A TRAP free of charge.

Also NOTE: The Humane Society has moved from their long time location on N. Kelvin Blvd to a brand new, state of the art facility on Roger Rd, 2 blocks West of Oracle Rd.

Thank You for caring about the animals.


How about if I just say, “Please, we need some donations”? And then I shall say, “Thanks, Friends”.


 What We Won’t Do (So Don’t Ask)

1) We will not knowingly trap a cat that belongs to someone.
2) We will not trap ferals or strays in order to relocate them; this does not work.
3)We will not trap ferals or strays for the purpose of relinquishing them to Animal Control or some other shelter nor will we aid and abet your doing so. These agencies are full to the bursting point with tame cats who have no homes. You can imagine what would happen to our ferals if we did that.
4)We will not take custody of your cat or your cat’s kittens. The definition of “yours” includes ferals or strays that you have been feeding. These cats are your responsibility. If you find that you can no longer keep your own cat you must find a home for it. If your female cat “surprises” you with a litter of kittens, you must find homes for them AND THEN HAVE YOUR FEMALE SPAYED. We will advertise your kittens for you on this site if you ask but they will have to stay in your custody until they are placed. If we advertise your kittens, you MUST make arrangements to have your female spayed as soon as her kittens are weaned, no exceptions. It is highly recommended that you have the kittens spayed or neutered and vaccinated before they are adopted.

 FACT Has No “Shelter”

Friends of Alley Cats of Tucson is a very small rescue organization that has no shelter facility. Most of the adoptable kitties live at the home of the founder. A very few are fostered by others and some stay at the veterinarian’s hospital temporarily. Please do NOT call expecting us to take custody of your own cat, the cat a neighbor moved away and left, the stray that had kittens in your yard or the kittens your cat had because she isn’t spayed. Please DO call us about strays or ferals that you are interested in learning how to care for and take the responsibility upon yourself. Please also DO call us about infant kittens that you find that do not appear to have their mother with them and that appear too young to eat on their own.

 I Am Not a Veterinarian

Every once in a while I get calls from individuals who want to know if I can vaccinate their pets (no). Some have asked whether I do the spays and neuters myself (of course not). One lady called to find out if I could come tranquilize a cat she was transporting . For medical issues you must take your pets to a veterinarian. I am a Real Estate Broker. I would be happy to help people who need to buy or sell a home or ranch.

 Those Who Live in Other Parts of the Country

I have received more than a few calls from people in other parts of the State of Arizona and other parts of the country. Many want advice on how to handle the cats in their neighborhood. Some are inquiring if there are programs similar to FACT in their area. I enjoy receiving these calls so feel free. If you want to know about programs in your area, go to the main page at PETFINDER.COM. Petfinder.com hosts this web site and the sites of many other shelters and rescue organizations. Follow the instructions about finding your local programs. You may also call your local Humane Society, Animal Control or look under Animal Shelters in the yellow pages. Most larger cities have at least one PetSmart and/or Petco. These businesses may also have the information you seek. Good for you! Call me any time!