Adopt a cat

 Adopting A Rainbow Wildcat

IF YOU OWN OTHER CATS OR DOGS PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO ADOPT ONE OF OUR KITTENS UNLESS YOUR OTHER PETS HAVE BEEN SPAYED OR NEUTERED. YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF THEM FIRST BEFORE YOU ADOPT ANY MORE. NO EXCEPTIONS. The kittens are advertised on this web site and in the local paper as RAINBOW WILDCATS (TM) or RAINBOW KITTENS (TM) (“Every color but green, every pattern but plaid”). The adoption donation ($85 minimum, additional contribution much appreciated!) helps to defray the expense of spay or neuter, leukemia testing, first “distemper” vaccination, rabies vaccination for kittens 16 weeks and older and maintaining the kittens prior to placement. After your kitten selects you he or she will be delivered by FACT to your home at which time a routine home inspection will be performed. We are looking for the presence of kitten food and bowls, kitty litter, toys and other cat care products which indicate that adopters are prepared to take care of their new pet. We are also looking for the absence of hazards and a reasonably healthy environment. If you are a heavy smoker, for instance, and there are ashtrays full of butts everywhere, you and your home are not going to be approved. If we get ANY INKLING AT ALL that there is activity in the home that would be harmful to pets then you and your home are not going to be approved. If you are a renter and not an owner of the home you live in we must also see your rental agreement or lease or speak to your property manager in order to determine that a cat can live in your home with you and that the one you want to adopt from us will not put you “over the limit”. No home check, no kitten, no exceptions. Kittens must be adopted by person(s) intending to own them. You may not adopt one of our kittens for someone else unless that person is your child who lives with you; the ultimate owner must deal with us directly. We do this to make sure each kitten goes to someone who will want, love and care for him. If you would like to give one of our kittens as a gift we will give you a gift certificate that you can put inside a nice card telling your giftee that they may come let a nice kitty pick them. The homecheck still applies to gift kitties. RAINBOW WILDCATS ARE INDOOR ONLY CATS. WHAT KITTIES ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW?

 How To Meet the Rainbow Wildcats

 Friendly Little Pets

The kittens and cats that we offer for adoption are all “friendly little pets”. They are well socialized and playful and indistinguishable from kittens born to an “owned” cat. They are “indoor only” pets. We advertise some cats and kittens that look like certain purebred cats by “breed” names (i.e. “siamese”). This is for descriptive purposes only, to tell you what they look like. All of our cats and kittens are “found” kitties therefore they are no breed at all, just “friendly little pets”.WHERE ARE THOSE FRIENDLY LITTLE PETS?

 Why Are They Called “Rainbow Wildcats”?

I wanted a catchy name for our kittens to show how special they are. In the course of a summer we are blessed with “Every Color But Green and Every Pattern But Plaid”. Most of our kittens are born to “unowned” cats, that is, they are born wild, even though that is certainly not their temperament. So FACT’s kittens are lovingly called Rainbow Kittens and Rainbow Wildcats. NOTE: I have been asked more than once if these kitties can “revert”. Revert means to turn back to former behavior. Please remember, our cats and kittens are domestic animals that, due to no fault of their own, were homeless. The kittens FACT takes are so little when they come here that they imprint to me, my resident cats and my house. They know nothing else. The only thing they could possibly “revert” to is being domestic pets.

 Why Do You Say That They Are “Better Than Free”?

The donation that you give us for the kitten(s) that you adopt ($85 minimum, $100 average) helps to defray the expenses that we have in caring for and properly preparing them for adoption. Most are bottle fed because they came to us as orphaned infants. Every kitten receives a distemper vaccination, a rabies shot, at least one leukemia test per litter OR a leukemia/FIV test to the mother if we found her also. ALL kittens are spayed or neutered, either before you take them home or shortly thereafter. If you do not believe that $85-100 in donation is “better than free”, take the time to call a veterinarian or two and ask what all of these services would cost if you were to bring in the kitten that you actually got “for free” and which had none of these procedures already performed. You will be very surprised.

 Who Names the Kittens of FACT?

YOU do. We give them names while they are in our care so that we can talk to them and they can learn to respond to social cues. The cats usually tell us what their names are. When they go to live with you they will probably let you know what their name is at your house. About half the people that adopt our kittens rename them, the other half find that the names they have fit their purrsonalities so well that they just leave them alone. It makes no difference to me or the cat as long as the name you give them doesn’t indicate any negative regard.

 Kitty Health

Rainbow Kittens will have their first “distemper” vaccination onboard and at least one kitten in the litter will have been tested for the Feline Leukemia Virus. If we have the kittens’ mother SHE will have been tested for both the Feline Leukemia and the FIV virus. Your kitten will be free of parasites as far as we are able to tell. We treat for fleas, ear mites and a variety of intestinal parasites as the symptoms occur. We cannot predict what they may develop at a later date if they are asymptomatic while in our custody. They will be as healthy as we can get them. If your kitten has already been spayed or neutered when you adopt, he or she will also have been given a rabies vaccination. If your kitten goes home younger, he or she will have the rabies vaccination when you bring them in for spay or neuter (required). Keeping your new pet indoors will prevent a world of problems.

 Good News About Pet Health Expenses

BENARDA VETERINARY HOSPITAL has set up their own program with Wells Fargo Bank for people who face large and unexpected medical bills for their pets. Wells Fargo has agreed to provide on the spot emergency financing for people so that they can care for their pets and so that the vets are able to be paid for their services and keep their hospitals running. This financing is provided at ZERO percent interest for 90 days. WOW! Thanks, Wells Fargo. There must be some awesome animal lovers that work there!

 Transporting a Rainbow Wildcat to Another State

Before you inquire about adopting one of our kittens PLEASE try to find a kitty to love close to home. Transporting animals is very stressful for them. It’s also very stressful for us: we “guarantee” all of our kittens and will take them back, no questions asked, if adopters or kittens aren’t happy. Doing this long distance is very difficult. If you absolutely cannot find a kitty that meets your needs, there are several ways to accomplish transportation: 1) You drive or fly to Tucson and either drive or fly the kitty back with you. If you fly the kitty MUST go onboard with you in an underseat carrier and NOT in baggage. My beloved “Circle Tummy” was adopted by my friend Catherine, who lives in Pasadena, CA in February of ’03. He flew “under the seat”; his ticket was $80 on United. Six months later Catherine visited again and adopted Tummy’s best friend, Dudley and he got his wings, too. 2) We also have a very good business relationship with FEATHERS AND FUR VAN-LINES . Feathers and Fur is a ground transport business in Oregon which sends air conditioned vans and professional “animal people” drivers all over the country to distribute companion animals to their new homes. They do an excellent, compassionate job. Please see their website for more information. Anyone adopting one of our cats or kittens from another state must sign an agreement to return it to us immediately and at their own expense if for some reason the adoption is not satisfactory.