Current Events

 Please Help Us.

“Kitten Season”  will soon be upon us and once again FACT will be called upon to take in little bitty kittens, some accompanied by their mothers, some orphaned and needing to be hand raised. These kittens need to be fed, housed, vaccinated, tested and spayed or neutered before they can be offered for adoption. FACT, as you know, has no funding whatsoever other than that which flows from the generous hearts of people like you, who care about the cats. To date this web page has been viewed over 80,000 times. I know that many people are frequent visitors and some only hit once and never return. Can you imagine how much it would help if everyone who hit this site would send in a dollar? One Dollar! If everyone who’d ever visited here had sent us a dollar every time they visited it would have generated $80,000 for the support of the kitties. Can you imagine! Now I figure that there’s at least a dollar’s worth of information on this page and maybe a dollar’s worth of entertainment, too. Can you send us a dollar or two for the kitties? Don’t even bother to write a check. Just stick two bucks in an envelope and call me for the address. My phone number is 520-850-0001. For larger  donations you may now use PayPal.

Material items that we need are listed in a later paragraph. I can come pick these up locally if you’ll call me at 850-0001.Thank you so much.

 Chickies, Duckies and Bunnies

UPDATE: January 14, 2019 Easter Sunday is April 20 this year. Here is a reminder: Many people are tempted to purchase baby chicks, ducklings and bunnies as Easter gifts for their kids. They do not think ahead to the time when these little creatures are grown chickens, ducks and rabbits and their kids lose interest in playing with and caring for them. Every year many of these poor “former decorations” are dumped in the desert to starve or be eaten by a predator. PLEASE, if you have no interest in providing a home for a chicken, duck or rabbit, do not buy live animals for Easter. Buy stuffed or chocolate instead. If you do succumb to the temptation, please do not unload the animals in the desert when you no longer want them, they have no way of taking care of themselves. Give us a call at 850-0001 and we will help out if we can.

 Pet, Horse, House Sitting

Having pets sometimes causes concern at vacation or business trip time and often people ask if I will care for their critters while they are away. Here are the boundaries, Tucson only: South of Sunrise Drive, East of First Avenue, North of Golf Links and to the base of the Rincon, Tanque Verde and Catalina Mountains to the East/North East. Preference will be given to people who have adopted kitties from FACT and people that I already know. I will be happy to take care of horses and other barnyard critters as long as the horses have been recently de-wormed and trimmed or shod.

 Message Board

 Notice the big transformation to this web page?

I was contacted recently by a local business called Madden Media. They were sponsoring a U of A summer intern named Alex S. They gave Alex the task of finding a small organization whose web page could stand a makeover and offering his services. Alex chose FACT and I’m so pleased that he did. Alex has given a new “face” to the information on this page and has made it much easier to navigate. The basics are the same and it is still set up so that I can go in and edit any time I want. Best of all, Alex and Maddenmedia offered this service completely free of charge so that the fragile little resources of FACT will still go 100% to taking care of the kitties. Thanks to Alex and Madden Media and Alex’ supervisor, Karen. FYI: I had been pondering a logo for FACT for a long time. I can’t draw at all so I described to Alex what I had in mind and he drew it perfectly. I think it’s way too cute and, in honor of Alex and his kindness to me and the kitties, FACT’s new logo has been named ALEX ALLEY CAT. Thanks again, Alex.

 Now is a Wonderful Time to Begin a TNR Project

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona, through a generous grant from The Animal Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona (AWASA), is able to provide spay/neuter services, rabies and FVR vaccinations for feral cats AT NO CHARGE. Cats should be brought to the S/N Clinic Tuesdays through Saturdays between 8 and 9 am IN A HAV-A-HART OR SIMILAR TRAP. Each cat will be sterilized, vaccinated and ear tipped. Humane can also loan a trap. Individuals who want to register their colony with Humane are invited to do so. This feature would be especially useful in the event that there is ever violence against these cats by neighbors. Call for more information, 327-6088. FYI, for those who haven’t heard it: Humane will no longer allow ANYONE to relinquish a feral cat in a trap to be euthanized. The staff and management of Humane have declared that Trap, Neuter and Return is the correct way to deal with feral cats.

 Sleazy Puppy Mill Outlet Stores

FYI: Two national chains which are commonly known to sell puppy mill puppies to the public are adding stores into the Tucson market. Petland will be lurking in the Walmart shopping center at Oracle and Wetmore. Woof and Co., doing business as Rufus, will likely squat in La Encantada in the Catalina Foothills. UPDATE: Feb. 9, 2015: You will note that for some time, the Petland store on Broadway has been morphed into Jason’s Deli. They’re gone! Thanks, Tucson!

 The Good Guys

A good rule of thumb to use when patronizing a pet store is: if they “sell” dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, don’t patronize them. The national chains, Petco and PetSmart, as well as responsible local businesses such as Tropics of Tucson, Desert Pet Center and others do NOT sell companion animals but instead either allow the different shelters and rescues to adopt from their premises or direct people who want animals to the appropriate organizations. My advice, do NOT patronize any pet store that sells dogs and cats, puppies and kittens.