Help the kittens


 Foster Care

We always need foster homes for litters of little ones. Some come to us so young they need to be bottle fed. This is time-consuming but they are cute beyond belief. The bigger “little ones,” from 5-8 weeks need good care and playing. From time to time we need people to work one-on-one with “teenagers,” kittens 2-4 months old, that need help with socialization before they are ready to be adopted. Rarely we also need a foster home for a TAME mother cat who is nursing little ones. These family groups need homes where they can be loved and cared for until the babies are weaned, Mom can be spayed and they all get adopted. People who foster for us ALWAYS get first “dibbs” on any cat or kitten.

 Trap, Neuter and Return

It is a good idea to spay or neuter any “unowned” cats. Stray kittens can also be “fixed” as long as they weigh at least 2 pounds. It is recommended to spay/neuter and release the kittens that are not “rubby-bumpy” and “purry” rather than try to adopt them out. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona will spay or neuter, vaccinate and eartip any feral or stray cat brought in in a humane trap ABSOLUTELY FREE thanks to a grant from The Animal Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona (AWASA). We can loan you a trap as long as you are willing to replace it if it is lost or stolen.

 Immediate Needs

Here is a paragraph in which I list items that we use on an ongoing basis.  That way, if anyone is going to COSTCO, PetSmart, Petco or a grocery store and would like to purchase an extra item and donate it, you can.  Please call 850-0001 if you would like to donate any of these items. The kitties and I thank you very much.

Kirkland Signature Dry Catfood (Costco)

Friskies canned cat food. Baby food in lamb, chicken or turkey flavor as long as the label doesn’t list onion or onion powder in the ingredients.

“Underpads”, chair size.

 “Wish List”

A few people have called to ask me what’s on our “wish list”. Primarily, I wish that everyone would spay or neuter all of their pets and adopt the ones that are homeless.


FACT has no funding whatsoever. Everything we do is paid by gifts from concerned people, the astounding generosity of the veterinarians, adoption donations or out of Margo Elson’s pocket.

I appreciate every donation so very much and I PREFER to receive small donations from many people rather than huge donations from anyone because the cats are everyone’s responsibility, BUT, if you feel moved to make a large donation, well, we would love that, too. If you live in Tucson and want to help, please consider donating actual “stuff”. This will give me the chance to meet you and say “Thank you” in person.

Please fill out the contact form at the end of the web page and I will contact you.


As of February 2018, a 5 lb package of powdered KMR Milk Replacer or one of its equivalents costs about $60. A litter or 5 newborns will consume at least this much between the time they are born and the time they are weaned if they come in without their Mom. Here is a link to Revival Animal Health, the online company that provides KMR products at very low rates, even lower than the wholesale rates the vets can obtain REVIVAL. Now you can order KMR inexpensively to use yourself or donate to FACT. Thanks.


Lamb and gravy, Chicken or Turkey flavor. About $.90 per jar, Fry’s usually has the best price. The bottle babies will usually start licking this from a tiny dish or off a popsicle stick at about 4 weeks of age, a time when they won’t even give canned kitten food a second sniff! Kitties that are ill will eat this when they won’t touch anything else.

We use both plain clay and scoopable or “clumping” kitty litter. Walmart usually has the best prices. .

If you have old towels that you no longer want, please call.  The towels  are used as crate liners and as bedding for litters of little kittens. Their bedding has to be changed 2-3 times a day when they are little because they get them wet even though we use

In the size that fits the seat of a chair. These go on top of the towels and absorb moisture much like a diaper. Walgreens usually carries these.

Are used for cribs. The newborns, their towels and “diapers” go inside the carriers when the kittens are sleeping. In cold weather they also have a heating pad. I currently have three of the “Cabin Kennels”, which open “up” and have a metal cage top with a smaller door. They make the best cribs for the tiniest kittens and I could always use a few more of those. Small and medium crates that open to the front are also useful. Please do NOT go buy crates. I am more interested in recycling the ones that are in good condition and are not being used!



If you want to help in this way, The Humane Society of Southern Arizona provides this service for free for strays and ferals. I can loan you a trap!

 Spay and Neuter Your Own Pets

And tell everyone you know to do the same! There is just no excuse for owning an unaltered pet– none at all!

FACT’S Non-Profit Status

People frequently ask me if FACT is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt corporation. No, it is not. It has tax exempt status under the IRS regulations and an EIN number.  20 years ago, when I looked at the cost  incorporation and how many cats and kittens the same amount of money would spay or neuter, test, feed, vaccinate and place,  I  could not justify the expense. Additionally, if FACT were to have become a corporation there would have had to be a board of directors, annual meeting, annual report, and all of the mounds of concomitant paperwork. For one person working to save cats, I can’t justify that. FACT IS a recognized non-profit with an EIN number, so donations that we receive are NOT taxable to ME, but they are not deductible for the donor. People make donations because they want to help me help the cats and not because they want to use FACT as part of their tax planning. And how I appreciate it!

 “Dogloo Houses”

A co-worker gave me a used plastic dog house, Beagle size, that is made of a similar plastic as the travel crates. Since then I have had donated a Dogloo big enough for a Great Dane (!) and one for a dog about the size of a GSD. I have set these out in the back yard for the neighborhood cats to use. They love them. If anyone has one of these that is not being used I would love to have some more. DO NOT go buy these as I suspect that they are rather expensive new. I am absolutely positive that there are many which are not being used in people’s back yards and storage sheds. Ditto crates, humane traps and other materials that FACT could put to good use. If you happen to see any of these items at a yard sale that you would like to purchase and donate to FACT I would bless you forever. Please call 520-850-0001 if you would like to donate a dog house, trap, crate or other durable material. Thanks so much.




Those of you who live in Arizona have surely seen the cute “Pets Enrich Our Lives” license plates. The plates have a stylized dog and cat…. Those plates are available to anyone who wants one for an additional $25 per year. Most of that $25 goes into an account that provides funding for spay and neuter of dogs and cats. We just learned that the available money for spay/neuter in 2007 generated by these license plates is $176,797. Imagine how much this is going to help. You can order the license plates next time you renew OR, if you want them right now you can go to SERVICEARIZONA and follow the instructions.


Every time you order 1800 PETMEDS donates to us. Please click here: 1800 Pet Meds today! Support our shelter! Buy Frontline Plus today!

 Saving Animals from Euthanasia

SAFE is a program run by Jacque Thompson and Dr. Roger Penwick. The sole purpose of SAFE is to prevent the euthanasia (putting to sleep) of companion or potential companion animals. They have a program called “Lifeline” which will help people with the expenses of severe injury or illness to a beloved pet so that it doesn’t have to “go to sleep” just for lack of funds. They will also help with injured strays as long as it appears that the animal is capable of being adopted and living happily ever after. SAFE is going to help with the little injured kitty mentioned in the previous paragraph. Here is a link to SAFE. Click in and have a look, then save their address in your browser for future reference. SAFE

 Lost Pet; Found Pet

Here is a link to a very good website dedicated to reuniting lost pets and their loved ones. They have a handbook to sell plus nice flyers that you can download and use in case, Heaven forbid, one of your little ones goes missing. Click here to visit LostPetFoundPet

 Home Again Micro-Chipping

As you know, we strongly advocate keeping your cats and dogs inside unless they are with you and on a leash. Even indoor pets can become lost if someone carelessly leaves a door open. Pets on vacation with their owners are especially vulnerable. With a microchip your dog or cat is immediately identifiable as yours and can be returned to you if it becomes lost. Most vets and shelters now have a scanner and use it as part of their protocol when strays are brought in to them. If you like, we can also register your pet’s chip with the data base. Home Again will make a small donation to FACT for every chip sold using this link: HOME AGAIN


 Shame, Shame, Shame: Doing the Wrong Thing

To the SHPOS OR SHPOSES who put 17 living kittens in a trash bag and left them to suffocate in the heat at the Tangerine Road Landfill: May you live a very long life and every day remember what you did and may you be wearing your shoes when, one day, you die.

 Doing the Right Thing, Helping a Tiny Orphan

On September 20, 2002 I received a call from Karl P., who is just about the nicest man there is. Karl was putting a mobile home on a trailer prior to hauling it when a tiny 5 day old orange kitten fell out from the floor boards. A search of the area turned up no mother and no more kittens. Instead of just leaving her there to die, Karl called his vet, who in turn, gave him my number. Karl left the job site to come all the way into town to deliver this sweet and defenseless little baby to me wrapped up in his spare flannel shirt. He also gave us a nice donation. Thank you, Karl. You inconvenienced yourself to ensure that “Jelly Belly Bean” could grow up safe and warm. Jelly is a happy, healthy and beautiful kitten. She has medium length hair and copper/orange colored eyes. She is a special girl and she has won my heart. Karl did the right thing. Thank you, Karl.
UPDATE: 1-12-04: Jelly is 15 months old now. She is clearly her mommy’s girl. She licks my neck and face as if she were a pet dog and not a kitty, all the while purring like a jet engine. Jelly’s favorite “toy” is a piece of frozen green bean (!). She discovered this one night when I accidentally dropped one little piece when preparing my dinner. Now, every time I open the freezer she comes running, sits down and stares until I give her one. She bats it around the house and stalks it until it thaws, then she eats it. With as many kitties as go through here in a year, all of whom I love dearly, it is just amazing that I got so very attached to Jelly, but I did. UPDATE: Feb 2015. Jelly is 12 1/2 years old now. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world!

SAD UPDATE: May 5, 2017. My darling Jelly passed away today at the ripe old age of 14 3/4. She is definitely in the running for “Best Cat Ever.” I will always miss you, you good girl.