The following people have given cash or materials to the program NOT connected to the adoption of or relinquishment of a cat or kitten: Dee and Don S., Kathy R., twice, Joan H., Amy E., Dr. Mary C. and Dr. Earl C., Enna C., Brenda and Walter H., Evelyn and Lester N., Norma A., Pat S., Midori B., Phil of Diamond X Feeds, Dean of Tanque Verde Hay, Mike Z., “Petey” and “Sombra” and their very generous Daddy, Bill B., Pat and Jerry M., Rosemary B. and the student services staff of Tucson High School, Christiane O., Sue B., Margo and Roger H., Joan H. a second time, Dr. Mary C. and Dr. Earl C. a second time, and a third, Bill and Maureen M., A.J. and Paul; Andy and Joanne S., Shannon G., Julie and Bill M. and the students of Julie’s classes at Sabino High School, Allison and Tim W., Pam R. (twice), Mark W. in honor of the wedding of Marni and Jerry, Dottie McL, Donna and Sperry Van L. twice, Debbie L., Susie K., Laura Y. and “Tibby”, Vicki and Dean K., Betsy and Jared S. and, Connie T. and Fathom Graphics; Shannon G. a second time, Michael B., Dennis S., Anonymous, Nancy C., Judy E., Beth M., Rachel and Rob, Cristie, Mike and Barry; Shannon G. a THIRD time, Dottie McL a second time; Cristie and Mike a second time; Gary and Anne B., Marti and Mel Y. at least twice: Doreen and Ray, four times; Cristie and Mike a third time; Sheila S.;Beth M. a second time; Kathleen M. and “Ellie”; Rachel and Rob a second time; Heide W.; Carol and Jerry G.; Jacque T. and “SAFE”; Katie P. and Spay Neuter Solutions; Angela and Brian, Jaclyn, our wonderful receptionist and Denise, our wonderful office manager; Doreen and Ray, an Umpteenth time; Cristie and Mike AGAIN; Margorie B.; Lori and Jon; Jack D., Phoenix W.; Maria L.; Debbie D. (twice); Linda S.; Pattie H. Gail F. and Sue G., Lynn W., Beth M (again!), Kathleen M., Christie and Mike (AGAIN!); Ruth K. twice; D. DeG from El Centro; Dr. Mary C and Dr. Earl C AGAIN; Bruce and Vicki S; “Anonymous”, who dropped off three nice wicker baskets to use for beds; Michele C; Denise M; Scott K.; Vicki A (multiple gifts); Susan M.; Laurie and Dave M.; Vicki A. (again); Bruce and Vicki S. (again); Annie B. ; Vicki A. (above and beyond!); Marilyn and Doug, Patti McK., Connie T. and Fathom Graphics in Anchorage, AK (again); Heather B., Sherrida S.; Kristine H.; Ralph W. and Etta W.; Connie T. and Fathom Graphics yet again; Susan and Bryck G.; Connie, T. and Fathom Graphics one more time!, Teresa N., Connie T. and Fathom Graphics AGAIN!; Judith and James M.; Beth K.;Connie T. and Fathom Graphics another time!; Kathi F.; Pamela and John M., Deatra B., many times. Your generosity is so very much appreciated. ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST OF DONORS, PLEASE



 Thank You Sheila and “Busy Paws”

There is a small company called “Busy Paws” that makes brightly colored bandanas, cat and dog toys and other accessories for you and your pet to enjoy. Sheila B., the owner, has placed some of her inventory at Benarda Veterinary Hospital and has directed that the profit from any sales that are made there be applied to FACT’s vet bill. So far there has been enough to pay for lots and lots of good care for the kitties. THANK YOU, SHEILA. Go have a look at her stuff, you won’t leave empty handed.Check out their company here.

 Thank You Bookman’s On Speedway

Every month Bookman’s Used Books, Music and Software on Speedway designates three charities to receive the proceeds of the donation boxes they put out at all their registers. FACT was chosen to receive the donations last month (September 2004). We received $13 in cash and also $36.76 in “trade credit” that can be used to purchase merchandise at Bookman’s. Thank you, Bookman’s.

 Thank You, Painted Sky Elementary School

The student council of Painted Sky Elementary School, with the help of the Faculty and Staff, held a Pet Food Drive during the 2002-2003 school year and donated all of the cat and kitten food they collected to the kitties of FACT. What nice people you are! Thank you so much. Purrs and hugs to all of you!

 Thank You, Cristie, Mike and Cassidy!

Last summer I received a call from Cristie and Mike M. who live within spittin’ distance from me. They had found tiny baby Cassidy and were wanting some reassurance that they were bottle feeding and helping him to eliminate correctly. I invited them over and offered to give the little guy a once over. In they walked with their perfect and perfectly cared-for little kitty-man and I was able to give them the reassurance that they wanted: they were and are wonderful cat parents. I have since received lovely snap shots of Cassidy at the office, and at home, always being loved on by a doting parent or friend. Good job! Cristie and Mike have “adopted” all of the FACT kitties, too, and have sent us several much-needed and much-appreciated donations. Thanks, Friends!

 Thank You Doreen and Ray

Several months ago Doreen and Ray adopted “Kayo”, now “Chloe”. Since then they have taken all of the FACT kitties under their wing and have visited often, providing generous donations of food, kitty litter, crates, a Dogloo house and most of all love and moral support to the kitties and me. Thanks, Friends!

 Ailurochanting: Silly Songs to Sing to Your Cat

Over the years I’ve made up parodies of many familiar songs and a few “originals” that I sing to and about my cats when I am at home. There are such memorable tunes as “O, Where Can My Kitty Be (I can’t find her anywhere)” and “I Love Poopie, I Do”. I know that I’ve gone seriously “around the bend” by now, but the kitties just love it. If there is enough interest I will make the lyrics available in written form so that you can sing them to your cats, too. If there is great interest we can probably burn a few CDs. Any donations would help to feed, spay and neuter the babies. Please call or send an email if you’re interested.
Every donation is greatly appreciated!

 Beautiful Pet Portraits

One of my friends paints beautiful pet portraits. She can work from a good photo so your baby doesn’t have to sit and pose! What a wonderful gift for someone who adores their pet or who would like to memorialize a pet already at Rainbow Bridge. To view DIANE DALE’s work, just click on her name.

 About the Author

Margo Elson has been a resident of Tucson, Az since 1966. She holds B.A. (1970) and M.S. (1972) degrees from the University of Arizona. We thank for hosting this web site. Margo is a Senior Broker Associate at Bancroft and Associates Real Estate Company in Tucson. HERE IS MARGO’S WEB PAGE. An excellent way to support FACT is to refer residential real estate business to Margo. Her specialties are resale and new single family residences, ranches and horse properties. Margo is licensed for the entire state of Arizona (since 1985) and can make referrals to the other 49 states and many foreign countries.



Thank you so much for all you did for the animals and for setting such a wonderful example for the rest of us. Enjoy your rest. See you one day near Rainbow Bridge.

 Good Night, Sweet Prince

Gone Home but not forgotten:
On Monday December 11, 2000 my much-beloved Appaloosa horse Chulo, AKA Ouray’s Warfleet, went to Rainbow Bridge after suffering a catastrophic, irreversible initial episode of colic. Chulo would have turned 30 years old on January 17, 2001. We had been together since April of 1974 when he was 3 years old and I was, well, a lot younger than I am now. No one has ever had a more wonderful companion, mount and friend and I am privileged that I was his human for such a long time. I am thankful that he was a frisky, healthy and happy boy until the very end of his life and that Dr. Mike Conaway and I were able to set him free with dignity and not after prolonged suffering or a slow decline. Thank you so much, “Mr. Fleet”, for giving your life to ME. When it’s my turn to go to Rainbow Bridge I pray it will be you who comes to take me home. What a ride THAT will be! Until that joyous day when we meet again, “Good Night, Sweet Prince”!

 Will We Really See Them Again?

After their beloved dog died my friends Charlene and Bob L. asked their priest if they would meet him again one day. Here is what the kind priest told them: “There are no tears in Heaven. If not having your dog with you in Heaven would make you cry then he will be there.” Amen. You tell ’em, Father!

 A Miracle From Beyond Rainbow Bridge?

In early spring of 2000 Sherman Lee’s mother, ML Playboy’s Mandy, and his 1/2 brother, A New Concept MAQ, were introduced and Mandy conceived a foal to be born in early 2001. As it happened, their filly was born on Chulo’s 30th birthday, January 17, 2001, five weeks after his passing. Officially named “Chula Rose MAQ” and called “Chulita” (choo-LEE-tah) in honor of my beloved Chulo, she has joyfully become a part of the family. My thanks to Fred and Cheryl McLaughlin of McLaughlin Appaloosas and Quarterhorses for providing me with this lovely red rose! (The adjective “chulo-chula” in Spanish means “pretty in a cute way”. “Chulita”, with the dimunitive feminine ending, means “cute little girl”; Chulo’s name is equivalent to “Cutie”. He was definitely that.). To visit Rainbow Bridge please click below. If you aren’t familiar, once you get there click on “The Poem”. Have kleenex! You may set up a memorial to a beloved pet that has crossed over Rainbow Bridge.